Investment Solutions

We approach each client portfolio as a separately managed account, determining asset allocation strategies based on the individual investment objectives.

Equity Investing
Altman Investment Management offers a value-oriented—often contrarian—approach to equity investing. Our mandate is to achieve consistent long-term performance with below-average risk. We seek to do this by investing in companies with strong balance sheets that are temporarily “out of favor,” and appear to be substantially undervalued. These are businesses that in our opinion sell at significant discounts relative to their intrinsic value due to near-term unfavorable conditions. In our experience, this disciplined investment approach typically results in better-than-average performance over a period of time.

Our value management philosophy dictates that:

  • We demonstrate rational and independent thinking, since the markets are often inefficient and subject to crowd psychology.
  • We focus on market sectors with potential catalysts for change—economic trends and/or valuation characteristics. To do this we combine top-down analysis and sector weighting with bottom-up analysis and security selection.
  • We buy stocks at perceived lower prices relative to current and potential earnings—and relative to asset values—in an effort to minimize downside risk and enhance opportunity for profit.
  • We seize buying opportunities during periods of poor performance and low expectations — and wait for the cycle to turn.

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Fixed Income Investing
On the debt side, and as an active intermediate fixed income manager of taxable and tax-free securities, our mandate is also to achieve consistent long-term performance with below-average risk. It is our role to provide clients with a growing stream of income in an investment framework of liquidity and capital preservation.

We seek to achieve this objective by:

  • Overweighting fixed income alternatives with appealing interest rate sensitivity relative to economic assumptions and historical valuation comparison
  • Investing in U.S. government, corporate, and mortgage-backed securities, as well as municipal bonds that are often state-specific to enhance the after-tax return
  • Utilizing a multi-disciplined approach in analyzing duration, yield curve, convexity, and sector allocation to determine relative attractiveness
  • Developing diversified portfolios with particular attention to issue selection

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Balanced Portfolio Strategy
Our balanced approach to investing creates the optimum balance between both equity and fixed income classes, as we pursue the best performance relative to risk.

Achieving a balance:

  • Our understanding of how the markets correlate with each other is the foundation for building balanced portfolios that align with our clients’ goals and risk tolerance.
  • Our fixed income and equity managers apply their collaborated expertise creating a balanced portfolio comprised of both value oriented stocks and fixed income securities.

High Income Strategy
When generation of high income is the primary goal, our managers implement a high-yield equity strategy within the framework of our core investment process and philosophy.

We achieve this solution by:

  • Emphasizing market sectors and individual securities that pay higher dividends.
  • Actively reinvesting cash dividends back into the market or distributing income when necessary.
  • Implementing a high income solution utilizing an all equity or balanced approach.