Support & Communication

Client CommunicationOur team is committed to providing the highest level of client service. We strongly encourage communication with our clients – and welcome telephone calls, e-mails, and face-to-face meetings as often as each client desires. Clients benefit from the ability to speak directly with the investment decision-maker when they have questions or concerns, unlike with many large companies or online programs that provide intermediaries. In addition, clients are kept informed of portfolio holdings and market value through quarterly reports, and also receive regular market and investment commentaries.

Interface with other Trusted Advisers. From time to time, especially during tax “season”, clients ask us to communicate with their other trusted advisers, such as tax professionals and trusts & estates attorneys.

Investment Research. Many major investment houses and regional brokerage firms provide our firm with research reports and relevant commentaries. Additionally, our own investment professionals conduct original research including direct company outreach.

Custody of Accounts. As a point of clarity, our firm does not act as a custodian when it comes to taking custody of our clients’ securities or cash. Client accounts are held in custody by official custodians.

Brokerage. Altman Investment Management is not a broker-dealer (brokerage), and so we do not charge commissions on trades. Transactions are executed through several brokerage firms.