Actively Managing Investments

Our firm offers investment management services for both private clients as well as institutional investors. We actively manage separate portfolios, allocating assets between equity and fixed income investments, tailored to each client’s needs and objectives. We offer a wealth of experience and investment acumen to help our clients reach their goal – whether it’s to retire in comfort, to build generational wealth or to ensure the perpetuation of an endowment. Our clients have come to us to manage all of their investments, just their equity holdings, or only their fixed income holdings – or to determine an appropriate allocation into a balanced approach. As active managers, we make strategic changes in investment holdings to take advantage of relative value opportunities that we discover. At Altman Investment Management, you can trust that your assets will be managed with a disciplined, prudent and independent approach – and with the attention you deserve.

Delivering Superior Performance over Time

We’re also proud to share that our performance numbers have maintained a strong competitive position within our investment programs, throughout the last fifteen years. Our equity, fixed income and balanced programs have been ranked within the Informa Investment Solutions (PSN) database, and been recognized as one of the Top Guns “Best of the Best” (one of top 10 within peer group). We believe that our strong performance record, coupled with an unwavering commitment to deliver our clients a long-term strategy that accomplishes their investment objectives, makes us a valuable partner to help preserve and grow your wealth.