Who We Serve

Individuals & Families

The individuals and families we serve come to us for many different reasons, but they all benefit from a highly personal investment management experience. Our clients often seek our services when they are faced with one or more of these life stage events or financially-challenging situations:

  • We need to grow our assets so we can afford our children’s college education.
  • We are getting ready for our eventual retirement and will need to live off the income of our investment portfolio.
  • I am recently widowed and need help investing and making sense of a trust.
  • We have just sold a business and need assistance reinvesting the proceeds.
  • I have received an inheritance and am not sure how to invest the funds.
  • I am in the midst of a divorce and need someone to manage my financial assets.
  • We need an investment professional for our endowment, foundation or pension plan.
  • We have set up a charitable remainder trust (CRT) and need professional investment management services.
  • We are successful professionals or entrepreneurs and do not have the time to design, build, and monitor our investment portfolio.
  • We seize buying opportunities during periods of poor performance and low expectations — and wait for the cycle to turn.
  • I have tried to invest on my own, but realize that I need someone with investment expertise who can do the required research and appropriate asset allocation.
  • I just left my job after many years and would like to roll my 401K into an IRA with more investment flexibility.

To learn more about how Altman Investment Management can assist you with your specific financial situation please contact us.

Institutional Investors

Altman Investment Management works closely with pension plans, non-profit endowments and foundations, and other organizations, to address their distinctive investment policies and objectives. Our portfolio managers have extensive experience working with clients such as local governments, hospitals, medical practices, small businesses and faith-based organizations. We therefore understand the unique needs and cultures of diverse institutions and communities.

Attorneys, Trustees & CPAs

We work closely with many attorneys, trustees and accountants as partners in serving the financial needs of their clients. They often approach us when searching for an investment professional to manage their client’s assets. Together, we form a team of trusted advisors, working in concert on the clients’ behalf. We see ourselves as helping to broaden your client relationship, providing a customized and dynamic investment process – and offering in-depth knowledge of economic and market conditions to help you and your clients make informed decisions.