Our Difference

Expertise – You benefit from seasoned investment professionals who specialize in direct ownership in domestic and global equity and fixed income securities.

Partnership – We directly invest your assets on your behalf, with our proprietary investment process.

Proven Track Record – Our proven performance track record has been time-tested through favorable and unfavorable markets.

Individual Approach – We implement customized investment strategies aligned with your individual goals – and designed to match your income and liquidity needs, tax status, risk tolerance, and life circumstances.

Fiduciary Focus – We are a fiduciary – we act solely in the interest of our clients.

Direct Access – As a boutique, we are able to provide you with direct access to the investment decision-makers to discuss ideas, concerns and life changes. We don’t rely on an intermediary to communicate with you.

Flexibility – As independent managers, we have the flexibility to act on portfolio-centric decisions in a precise and timely manner.

Long-Term Commitment – We are committed to a long-term enduring partnership with you, and respect the ultimate control you want over your assets.

Timely Perspectives – Our access to cutting edge research, and rigorous analysis, allows us to provide timely perspectives on fundamental issues that impact you and/or your business.

Investment Insights – We have extensive experience as investment committee members for profit and non-profit endowments.

One Fee Only – We offer a strictly fee-based relationship, which translates into lower costs for you.


Please contact us to find out how we can make a difference in your financial future.