About Us

We live in a world that is becoming ever more complex, especially when it comes to the areas of investment management and retirement planning. In 2001, Altman Investment Management, LLC was founded to help investors chart a financial course that would secure their future. Our singular focus has been on growing and preserving our clients’ wealth, so they can be free to focus on what matters most to them. For over 13 years, our mission has been to provide our clients with confidence and peace of mind, in an ever-changing and multifaceted financial world. Our firm manages assets for individuals, families, trusts, retirement plans, endowments and other institutional investors.

At Altman Investment Management, we approach investment management differently than many Wall Street firms, insurance companies and banks. We serve our clients as a fiduciary – putting their interests first – with transparency and an investment approach based upon a well-rooted, long-term philosophy, which is not influenced by market fads or media hype. The boutique nature of our firm allows us to depart from the often limiting boundaries of large firms. We are able to provide individual attention at a time when many companies are focused on selling to the masses.

As an independent, fee-only registered investment advisor, we provide comprehensive portfolio management and retirement planning while adhering to an exceptional standard – the fiduciary standard. We derive no compensation for trading or selling financial products, so clients don’t see loaded mutual funds or other products with sales-related fees in their accounts; this helps assure clients that we offer completely unbiased advice. Our firm manages assets for individuals, families, endowments and other institutions.

Our firm offers a dynamic partnership with you because we understand that your lives and needs are unique and change over time. Our responsiveness and accessibility are integral elements of our signature process – helping our individual and institutional clients navigate their financial futures alongside the changing landscape of their lives. We provide a thoughtful, highly personalized approach to asset management solutions, and an average of over 30 years’ experience among our managers. This historical perspective enables us to take a longer-term view and appreciate the value of portfolio strategies that may succeed across market cycles and economic climates.